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MD (UH.) Lifes full of common industries only team play brings a brighter tomorrow into being its not a case of denying your possibilities its a case of balancing rights and responsibilities its like the worlds goin backwards to proud of the money to admit that we've imperfectly planned shit telling kids work hard and you'll reach your dreams when your race and birthplace are bigger determining factors expectancy's now an actual disease we want the fruit but we can't be f'd planting the seeds we've got the knowledge now to build the land of our dreams but there's no garden of eden without handling weeds we want it with no work and to get it no burn and for better no permanent effort just to make it happen i know how i short it can be so i'm chasin all i can see always there on my mark ready to take to the baton Hook by Charley Stand up! Get your head out of the sand. Take responsibility and make a stand Aint to much to ask to do what’s right Give a little bit of you, to save another life! Percuss (The thing about humans is this) We think we've got the right to do what we want But all we've gots responsibility acting as one and we never ever use it, just fightin for fun so I'm sittin back and watchin history on rerun Ya see it happen again, ya think they'd learn no wonder my concern is limited when their turns rinse and repeat, time and time again like they're never gonna learn from such an obvious mistake dictate the worst like it doesn't even matter separated from the world at the top of the ladder their palisades decay day after day till all we’re left with is an opaque display and right then, we can all see their characters weren't acting as one, they're just puttin up barriers so i carry my life with respect for my people cos denying that responsibility creates sequels Hook Shareef Born with equal rights doesn’t mean we’re living equally a standard of living difference between you and me a standard of living difference between our communities and some of you don’t care all living individually Caring for yourselves and not anybody else financial gain is how you define your self-wealth and while you got the right to pursue your happiness it’s balanced by the need to preserve all of this not just the trees, and not just the scene every single right comes with responsibilities education, health care, a liveable wage if you believe in these let your feet lead the way equal work still doesn’t mean equal pay as long as you ignore it’s gonna stay that way so if you’re living a good life it’s about your turn put action to your words likes nouns to verbs Hook
Percuss i see em every day on the train or on my way to work, women so pretty my brain hurts thought I better warn ya, lurkin around every corner is just another 8 or 10 that's lookin finer than before I think i just saw another standing in line lookin so fine, but she standin in my way i say excuse me as I walk on by lookin at cloud 9 thinkin i could sleep tonight way out of my league, i’m striken out on fatigue when im at bat against a fine lookin physique I dunno what the mystique is when i'm out of my depth So I try the unique kid, to show her what intrigued is like, please to meet you, my friends call me Greg …awkward pause, did she hear what I said? nothin but ignoring so maybe I misread her wink that said im scorin' somethin' else instead Hook by Callum Presbury Pretty woman, gonna be my woman but at the end of the day she'll always make you pay My pretty woman Shareef I see em every day and the way they walk makes me crazed pretty women everywhere making men feel insane but I’m not the weak kind nor idolising a sex image appreciating beauty wont compromise my marriage pretty women I always been a sucker for em, but never been the sleeze, just giving them poetry and every time they smile at me, its got me thinkin g’eeze was that for me? what the hell does that mean? These beautiful women wearing their beautiful clothes long flowing dresses or shorts with you know those tights hiked up, right up to thigh high and when I’m dancing with them, I can’t help but sigh but other times all it takes is eye contact, pretty faces attract, no denying the fact, hows that? about a nine or a ten and since she’s walking away I better bring this to an end Hook FG I see em everyday, never say nice to meet yah It's plain from the look on their face I'm a creature Still I've a secret, each one I meet gets Penned in my rhyme books, lines that define looks …Speech, mannerisms of their movements The way your finger flicks the turning page when you move it …I pursue this, purpose exclusive To prove it's bigger than the universal truth is And I muse this, memories induced with The perfume that lingers in the room that you moved in Believe me, I respect each one Regardless of the race, creed or native tongue Big women or small women, short women or tall women Here's the secret that I came across on my mission It doesn't matter if your ass size is suitable That might make you pretty, but your mind makes you beautiful Hook
Tired 03:51
Shareef I'm getting kind of tired of all these people saying I'm lying when I'm out on the streets and all I'm really doing is trying to find a better way to build a better place when none of them are willing to stand up make the change and if we didn't do it, then who the fuck would? and if nobody does it, do you really think thats good? not me mate, I know exaclty where that leads your civil rights will be dying like they caught a disease and yet it seems like your completely at ease with dismissing these facts by saying 'conspiracy' I know you don't believe in the lizard overlords me either mate, so lets' get to moving forwards our generation is facing economic disgrace the rich get richer and the rest learn their place and if you can't stand up for whats rightfully yours then get out of my way and let me do it for ya Hook x 2 (So tired) Of all the things these people say Shareef 2 Another one the things that I'm tired about is people getting loud when theres no need to shout, when we on the same team and you screaming at me beyond the ideal of the dream what happened to peace? what happened to trust and building understanding to cards on the table - upturned hands and knowing the power you seek is found in our unity bound to your ability to work with me respectfully effectively, if you fail to show respect then how can you expect your demands to get met, dead set, you need a better education one which teaches you how to channel your frustrations yeah, I understand you want to challenge the system but it's going to take more than just screaming your opinion, you got to open your eyes up open your ears and listen and you better be ready to face up to the criticism Hook x2 Percuss i feel tired every day of my life im not gonna lie feel tried by these people that are causin the strife but feel applied when i get on the mic write a rhyme no block yeah im feelin alright they say its hard to get up and speak of yo mind but its harder to live with the the results of not tryin to say what ya feel, say what ya mean endin up with nothin but hatred and whole lot of ill feelin .. can't let it go jealousys a bitch that little itch ya can't scratch, thats little SICHuation that's got ya mind racin, tryin to place it refusing to face it still knowin what the case is so ya put the cards on the table face up sick and tired, just had enough let respect be earned, to build the trust that we yearn signing out selekt few I hope a lesson you’ve learned
Shareef you know how it feels one of those days you can't do nothing right, nothin goes your way, you get out of bed, your feeling like ish, you just wish, you could throw it all away making your way in this world it isn't easy, smallest of things seem to mess it up completely, but I guess that happen if hopes are too high they turn a little set back into a sky-dive makes you wan't to curl up' hide and get high, but that's not right ain't time for being lazy no time for being hazy- no hiding away see what really makes a man is how he HANDLES himself, is he reaching for a bottle from the top of the shelf, or is he reaching for friends- savin' his mental health a real big difference one might save his life while reaching for bottle just leads to more fights, alright so I'm saying even if you got thick skin it's better you let it out you can't bottle it in it's better that you write or you scream out or cry theres no point lying when someones asking you why, telling em the truth you feel better when you do, but don't ask me why its just what I tend to do can't carry this weight its too much for one chest so I pick up the pen, let the music kill the stress pen to page, yeah you'd be amazed, relief can be found even when your down for days, owning up to the past cleanses the soul of sin; know where your at, see where you've been no catholic saint here but I do believe in Karma, lie about your past its gonna come back to harm ya and now that i said what i came here to say I pray this advice helps you out on that day Percuss just one of those days, nothin like before its all happy face and i'm smilin some more better believe it's just a choice that i made the kind of choices we generally find hard to make indecisive? you bet, life decisions make me fret too much weight on my shoulder heavy like the debt and too much weight i'm holdin makin decisions is difficult gotta do something, grabbed computers, a winning result the choices you make they'll change up your day went from depressed and crazed to the fonze and happy days it was a simple little trick in following my heart now i spend all day with the best honing the craft find what your good at and practice it hard get out in the scene blow your own horn.. HARD! now just step up the game take the vision seriously no time for slow mate the fires burnin here in me are ya hearin me? i could see it all clearly along a came the opportunity, i was scared, clearly! could i step up? am i really good enough happy to say so far so good for percuss and it wasn't what i bust, it was that i practiced enough up all night, learning with lust, chasing not for the crust chasin cos I just wanted to know whats up whats inside? outside doesn't excite me much inside of me's a whole lot of i dunno what but every day i learnin more about what makes me tock and one thing that i noticed is we all have those days just one of those ones where nothing goes your way just sit back, remember from your view reality is askew when everythings lookin blue so when all you wanna do is pack up and shoot through lean towards your friends, your support crew
Spatters 03:32
Shareef I love sitting out here the rain mere inches away stray drops spattering patterns my pen makes/ tin roof sound, comfort of my own space, theres nothing quite like it man- what can I say? I could sit here for days if the rain would last but rain never lasts and as soon as the storms past I'm turning about as red as yellow is the grass- so while this lasts let's enjoy the pause walkin around oblivious smiling as the rain pours, walking around like idiots soaked to the core, it's the very source of all life forms existant, you looking like idiots for trying to keep your distance for instance, where would you be without it and I'm not talking about having to have a cold shower I'm talking no bread coz all you've got is the flour think, just think about it Percuss it spatters in drips n drops, the rain shielded from the insane people drivin in lanes i'll sit inside, and keep my eyes open wide fear of death keepin me from endin other people lives when the roads wet, you dont wanna slip n slide all you wanna be doin is try and keep ya peeps alive so maybe ya got to ya destination a little late? it's better than living with another fatality the rain may rattle me, but i love it's relief just hate all the idiotic things that people do in it like waiting another 5 or running, just to stay dry my bodies full of water, i'll think i'll assymilate it inside got about 60 percent, of water inside me no need to fear the rain more like embrace that its free soak up the spatters, by taken a walk outside yeah this is free matter and its fallin from the sky! Percuss some places it spatters in others it pours overloading local rivers till they cant take no more homes left broken, soaked and destroyed leaving some locals flat broke and unemployed oh if ya car washed away? what would you say? a house thats full of water, didn't need stuff anyway! but all your things are gone, prize posessions lost here we are praising rain but I think you've got enough Shareef but my side of the country barely even gets clouds, no doubt about it's all out fires and drought few months ago the neighbourhood nearly burnt down seventy two houses, all razed to the ground It's like burn or drown, burn or drown an uneven climate, from the north to the south burn or drown, burn or drown it’s an uneven climate and it’s my home town
It's a story of kids and some older ones rippin up the world just for fun and exploration, of an academic kind their findin all kinds of things and expanding their mind it's the life of the hacker, an intellectual on a quest for more knowledge, time gets perpetual forgetting about the real world is how it's done getting absorbed inside the mighty cybertron just searchin all night and hackin away tryin to find somethin you just can't find on ebay it's all about the quest for knowledge and education stand up and watch it's a new generation you can never keep up in the land of the free it's full of information overload, noise constantly everyone has their place and they all have their say some smart as fuck, others retarded like.. Hook x 2 (it's) a hacker mentality, proof first talk last if it wasn't for them we'd be livin in the past a hacker mentality not-about money and things it's about the funny feeling you get when you're in full swing Percuss it's not just this century or tomorrow where the hacker exists refusing to follow the path of least resistance, making up his own rules on existence, it's persistance don't resist it that's the reason they get through if you persist enough, you'll learn something new so just look into the past for reference to hackers that worked in the field you pursue technology has evolved at a super pace yet it's 2013, wheres my house in space? or my rocket pack to fly to the shops my man? how about we teleport go check out japan? no none of this has happened... not yet but the only reason it can is cos the hacker got wet over an idea that he thought and knew he could implement to work he went, and created a masterpiece Hook
Words (2013) 02:34
Percuss Intelligently speaking words so deep and keepin up on top, it's the sound of selekt few reapin words that we sew, words we wrote for you words created true, words are underated dude! if you can't keep up, then let me slow it down words are underated, now hear these words, creep from lyrics created with sounds understood as english when translated these words are the norm, not better than yours selected from a dictionary, the oxford of course over a billion people that understand these words all around the globe my language spoken and heard british brought it to us while laying claim to world taught it to the kids, the little boys and the girls now some languages are gone, totally extinct wonder how many words no longer exist? Hook x 2 Words are underated like so many things from the old times they're fadin away fallin in to disarray words are underated Shareef One six said it- read between the lines, hip hops about content not just about the rhymes, so choose a topic; give us your views on it finding it hard? then maybe you should quit! coz mc's wasting words' is absurd, contents king when there's purpose to the words, the facts and research make it interesting like plain old paul asking where is the king, words are under-rated so many under used, the four letter kind always getting abused surpass and progress put yourself to the test interchange exchange and flow with finesse possibilites are infinite vast and unlimited vernacular stretched rhyming uninhibited break from the usual so make it individual, the words are yours, so keep moving em forwards Hook x 2


A 7 track album, with beats produced by MD and 2 remixes.


released April 14, 2014

Tracks 1-7 produced by the honorable MD (T. Butler)
Tracks ? and 8 produced by Paradox (T. Curran)
Track 9 produced by Lenny Rudeberg
All cuts performed by DJ Tek (T. Lumia)
All tracks except where noted recorded by Shareef (L. Skinner) & Percuss (G. Tangey)
Verse 1 of track 1 recorded by MD (T. Butler) at LMG Studios
Tracks 1-8 mixed by Ruxton (G. Tangey)
Track 9 mixed by Lenny Rudeberg
Mixes for tracks 1-8 completed at Shakedown Studios with assistance from Rob Shaker (R. Lake)
Tracks 1-9 mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering
Cover artwork by RLSM (Sam Shields)
Colour, design & layout by Damian Ots for Inkandescent Design


all rights reserved



Selekt Few Perth, Australia

Selekt Few are a Perth based hip hop band.

Our sophomore release ‘#1 Solace Lane’ - available now - is the first in a four-part vinyl series and was released on November 11, 2019.

We make music we enjoy and deliver personal and political messages we relate to.
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